Truly Stunning FEI Dressage Gelding For Sale

“The objective of the Classical Art of Riding is to train the horse not only to be brilliant in the movements and the exercises of the High School but also to be quiet, supple and obedient and by his smooth movements to make riding a true pleasure.” Alois Podhajsky
Dressage riding is a fundamental and structured training of the horse, which strenghthens his physical conditions to keep it healthy for a long time.The goal of

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The David M. Hunt Library was founded as the David M. Hunt Library and School Association in 1889 through the bequest of three sisters—Harriet, Catherine E. and Wealthy Ann—to honor their brother David Morgan Hunt. The institution has also served as both a private and a public school.

The mission of the D.M. Hunt Library is to provide library resources, services, and programs that help to fulfill the educational, information, cultural, and recreational needs of the community in an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly.

Beyond lending books and videos with state-wide access, internet availability for patrons and the unparalleled historical resources of the Connecticut Room, the exemplary and imaginative staff offers Saturday Sessions and year-round children’s programs making the D. M. Hunt Library a very special place for Falls Village residents and those of surrounding communities.

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