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David Mercer was born in August 1976 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Having always had a strong interest in science, David came into regular contact with computers at university where he graduated “cum laude” with majors in applied math and math. His technical books are now sold worldwide and have been translated into French, German, Polish, Greek, Spanish and many more. His book on Drupal 6 was reviewed on Slashdot and went on to become a best seller. Mercer’s books are recommended reading at higher learning institutes like MIT, and he has a write-up on Wikipedia. David divides his time between consulting for companies and organizations in a wide variety of industries, helping them to develop and implement cutting edge systems. He also contributes to interesting web-based projects like design-a-webpage ( that allows people to create beautiful, effective landing pages in minutes – absolutely no code or Web experience required. He also maintains a blog, training and support site for his readers at Site prebuilder provides quizzes and exercises that accompany his books, and serves as his primary online presence and contact point. When he isn’t working (which isn’t that often) he enjoys playing guitar (generally on stage and unrehearsed) and getting involved in outdoor activities ranging from touch rugby and golf to water skiing and snowboarding.

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Houses To Rent In Ashford Kent

Rochester Community House is your place in the park to host your special event or business meeting.  Our facility can be configured to suit your needs.  From weddings to showers, graduation parties to birthdays, and business meetings.  Our flexible facility can host group sizes up to 200 persons.  Our experienced staff is well versed in handling the hospitality needs of you and your guests on your special day.

See what past renters have said about their experience.  Use our Contact form to have our staff provide further details, or call us at (248) 651-0622.



Dr George Shapiro FACC

222222222One of the most demanding professions is being a doctor because your work schedule does not follow the 8-hours a day, five days a week routine. When an emergency occurs, you can be awakened at the middle of the night to report to duty and you cannot complain about it. The medical profession requires practitioners to update themselves and to know modern ways of treatment for professional and personal improvement. Doctors like Dr George Shapiro Scarsdale NY have to undergo further studies to be able to serve their patients well.

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Indian Restaurant Sedgefield

Technology and I have a long and tumultuous — dare I say — love-hate relationship. I’ve always been amazed by its efficiency and robustness, the ever-evolving ability to systematize our lives and businesses. But truth be told, the concepts haven’t always come easy to me.

Instead, I spent years mastering, organizing, and maintaining a “manual system” for my business needs because the cost of a human resource information system (HRIS) or an automated HR/payroll system was notoriously exorbitant. Not to mention, some of those systems weren’t the most user-friendly either.

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Philadelphia SEO

The Science of Digital Marketing is one of the leading social and digital optimization companies in the world, and has advised and built programs for Fortune 500 and medium-sized clients since 2004, including Microsoft, NBC, Humana, PrideStaff, Citrix and Dramamine.

We work in both B2B and B2C for most industries, but our sweet spot is helping already-successful companies:

We white-label to help agencies better serve their clients in areas like

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Where To Buy Knitting Tea Cup

Over the weekend, one of the #yarnlovechallengeapril prompts was hibernating.  For it, I took a deep breath and pulled out (most of) my hibernating sweaters.  Nine in total.  There are other unfinished objects lurking in my stash … even a few more sweaters … but these are the biggies.  And since I’d already been planning a UFO installment in my spring cleaning posts, now seemed a good time to get on with it!

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How To Make Money From Home

Do you know you can earn money online? Are you searching for the ways by which you can become an online entrepreneur? Yes, you can indeed earn money online by doing work from your home. We all have some or the other skills. We can use those skills for monetization. You have often heard the question like “How to Earn Money Online?” Some people want to work in their spare time and earn some extra bucks. This is good if you are willing to work extra. But if you are putting your efforts, you must be paid for the same. Due to lack of right information on how to earn money online, some people get trapped in scams as well. So you need to know the right and legit ways to earn money online. There are many articles on the web which describes the ways to make money. But if those ways are not legit, then it is of no use. So you need the right information to start. I have done so much research to write this article, so you can follow this article to earn money online.

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