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Secret Extensions has already found a niche market for its products. Women who want hair extensions that are quick and easy to wear are in for Secret Extensions. Well, there are some solid reasons why the trend has picked up. Putting in hair extensions made by Secret Extensions is as easy as wearing a headband. According to the company, their hair extensions make your hair appear fuller and longer.

Secret Extensions is a brand of direct marketing company Allstar Products, which has been operating for more than 15 years now. However, the company has no existence on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Their products have no information or rating on the BBB.

The company claims that its products, which are mostly endorsed by Daisy Fuentes, are superior to others and can be worn and removed relatively easily. In order to investigate whether the company is telling the truth, we gave their product a shot. We also conducted an in-depth research on customer and expert reviews and talked with real users of Secret Extensions hair.

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