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As HBO’s “Game of Thrones” rises in popularity, so does the ferocity of its dragons.

This story first appeared in the April 07, 2015 issue of Variety.

Creation of these monsters is overseen by vfx supervisor Sven Martin and vfx producer Viktorija Ogureckaja of global effects powerhouse Pixomondo. For the show’s fifth season, their Germany-based team has taken the creatures to new heights of sophistication.

“They are growing with every season, and the textures are getting 10 times more complex,” Martin says.

In the latest iteration, the skin under their forelimbs and around their wings has more translucencies, giving the dragons more visual interest and apparent flexibility in flight. Individual scales are modeled drier and darker, and they’re more closely attached to the skin — a process that has considerably increased computer-rendering time.

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